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 Prepare Your Farm For Winter with a Standby Generator!

Is your farm ready for the next power outage? Due to the rise in severe weather conditions, it is important for farms or ranches to have a dependable power supply. From ensuring the production of healthy crops to the safety of your livestock, backup power for farms is vital. 

The risks farms face with no backup power

Frozen water sources: During the height of Canadian winters, it is essential for livestock farms to ensure water sources are thawed and accessible. If not, this can be deathly for livestock.  

The stop of automated systems: Today, automation processes are intertwined with core business functions, as a result, backup power is more important than ever before. From the machinery on dairy farms to the fully automated greenhouses, power failure is something that many farm operations cannot afford. 

Health risks for livestock: For farmers who raise their livestock indoors or are in need of life support systems and steady temperatures, an interruption in their power supply can be extremely dangerous and life-threatening to their animals. Having a reliable backup generation can be a huge lifesaver for livestock.

Over the years, we have seen multiple power outages caused by severe weather conditions, which have resulted in many rural communities being without power for multiple days. Just this past spring, a massive snowstorm hit the southwest of Saskatchewan and left many farms around the Maple Creek area without power for days. With the rise of severe weather, there is no reason why investing in a standby generator for your farm operation is a bad decision. If you want to make the safety and productivity of your operation a top priority, this is the way to do so. 

If you need help finding the right generator for your farm or ranch, our sales team can help! We will install and monitor it 24/7 for you so you have the peace of mind that whatever happens, whenever it happens, you are ready!