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Standby Generators for your Farm

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A reliable, constant supply of power is critical on today’s farm or ranch.

The power is out again.  When will it be back on?  In a few minutes or a few hours. Power outages away from major urban centres and power grids can last for hours or even days.  Put the power in your hands with an automatic standby generator, and make productivity and safety a priority.

Extended outages put livestock, crop and workers in harm’s way.

  • Livestock Farms need to ensure water sources stay thawed in winter
  • Dairy farm need milking machines to be running to ensure the milking schedule is not interrupted.
  • Poultry farmers need to rely on steady temperatures to ensure the growth and health of their chickens.
  • Greenhouse operations depend on constant light to keep plants alive and growing.
The list goes on. And we didn’t include keeping critical heating appliances such as a furnace or boiler going in your home.  Standby generators can be a critical piece of equipment that allows your farm operation to keep running during any power outage – whether it’s for hours or for days.

Award Winning Customer Experience

We have been recognized as a Consumers Choice Award Winner 3 years in a row, and when you combine our amazing customer service with the industries best generators from Cummins, Briggs & Stratton, and Kohler, you’ve got a great combination.  Each manufacturer offers a few unique product benefits that may be right for you our team can help you pick the right size from the right company for your home. 

Choosing the right generator.

With different manufacturers to choose from and a whole bunch of different models, there are two easy ways to choose your generator.  You can use our online sizing tool by clicking here.  It will collect some information about your business and the critical components that you want available.  Our trained sales consultants can help you pick the right generator for your business needs.

The Installation Process.

Your Shordee Technician arrives at your business with your generator and everything needed to install and commission it.  Once the generator is installed and connected to your power system, we run a load bank test to ensure that your generator is running at factory specifications.  If it doesn’t pass this test, it probably won’t pass the test when the power goes out either.  If you are talking to your local contractor about a generator, make sure to ask them if they do a factory certified commissioning of your generator and if that includes a load bank test.

How much does a standby generator cost?

The cost of your generator will vary depending on the size of the system and which features we specify.  The best way to price out a standby generator is to use our online sizing tool and we can give you a price quote on the generator that fits your needs.

Put the Power in your hands.

Don’t wait until a disaster happens to wish you were prepared. Our sales team can help you select the right generator for your farm or ranch. We install and monitor it 24/7 for you so you have the peace of mind that whatever happens, whenever it happens, you are ready.  Your farm operation won’t miss a beat, and your home and family will be safe.


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Standby Generators ensure your home has a 24/7 uninterrupted power supply.