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Commissioning Your Generator

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Authorized Full Sales & Service

As your factory authorized full sales & service dealer, we provide you with a superior service experience.  Our technicians are trained and certified by Briggs & Stratton, Cummins & Kohler in their latest recommended service practices, and as an authorized warranty repair service for all three brands, we register your warranty upon installation and commissioning and are the only warranty authorized service provider in Southern Saskatchewan.  Protect your investment with service and maintenance from Shordee Generators.

Protect your investment with Certified Standby Generator Commissioning.

Commissioning your generator is the process of thoroughly inspecting and testing your generator before it gets tested in an actual power outage.  During your generator commissioning, we run a series of tests to ensure your machine is running safely and at factory specifications.

These tests and checks include:

Visual Inspections: Some of the most significant faults can be easily identified by our technicians.
Protective Functions: Ensure emergency stop and fault parameters are properly set.
Mechanical Inspection: Complex machinery requires an inspection by a trained technician before being put under load.
Load Bank Test: We run your generator under a simulated full load to ensure it will perform to the manufacturers specifications
Control Configuration: Configure the generator control module to suit your needs.
Cables & Electrical Inspection: Ensure all cables and wiring are done to the manufacturer’s and building code specifications.

Benefits of Standby Generator Commissioning

The most valuable benefit of generator commissioning is peace of mind. We ensure your generator is safe and efficient when running in any operational mode before handover. Commissioning can also help ensure your warranty remains valid.

Why not combine our commissioning services with our flexible and affordable servicing contracts? Our servicing and repairs ensure you’re left with an incredibly efficient power solution that’s sure to live its entire lifespan.

Are you interested in a new, fully-commissioned generator?  We are factory authorized and certified in Cummins, Briggs & Stratton and Kohler standby generators for home and light commercial use.  Click here to size and quote your generator.

In addition to our brands, we also service and commission other generators, which you may have purchased prior to hearing about Shordee Generators.  If you have a generator that you would like commissioned, load bank tested, repaired or serviced, our team of trained technicians are here to help.

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