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Portable Generators: Designed to Go Wherever You Do

These days, everything we do is associated with electricity. From homeowners to businesses, everyone needs power. As a result, when power outages occur or your summer adventures take you off the grid, it can be quite difficult to carry out day-to-day tasks without a steady power supply. Luckily, with a portable generator, you can take power with you wherever you go!

3 distinct areas where portable generators are helpful

  1. Recreation: Whether you are tenting or need to power your RV, a portable generator can ensure that you have power wherever your adventure takes you. With a Cummins Onan P2500i or Onan P4500i, you can keep your food cold and your technology charged!

2. Jobsites: Portable generators aren’t just useful for homes or camping, they are extremely helpful when it comes to jobsites. Powerful equipment like this is a great solution that can help power tools and can be easily moved between different locations.

3. Emergency Backup Power: Whether your business is an essential service or you are in need of electricity for your home, our Cummins Onan P9500df is the perfect generator to provide you with power when you need it the most! From keeping operations running to preserving your home’s food, this powerful machine will do the trick!

Portable vs. Standby Generators 

Before you decide whether to make an investment in a portable or standby generator, it is important to understand the difference. Although they both keep power running, there are some significant differences. While a portable generator can be an immediate solution, it is temporary and relies on gasoline. Contrarily, a standby generator is an automatic and permanent solution that runs on propane or natural gas. Another major difference is that portable generators can be much harder to run during extremely cold weather. This can be problematic, especially during Canadian winters. Although they are great systems to have, they can be unreliable when compared to standby generators. 

Before you make a decision about what type of generator to get, our staff can help you figure out your power needs and choose the best system for you! Visit us today at 1131 Weaver Street.