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With the increase in seasonal outages and an aging power grid, power outages are becoming more frequent. Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, these abrupt outages can quickly become very problematic. As a result, many people are looking toward standby generators as a solution. These powerful machines are the ultimate backup plan for your home and provide numerous benefits!  

1. Safety: By installing a standby generator, you are reducing your risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and electrical shock. Since these generators run on natural gas or propane, you don’t have to worry about the risks that are associated with dealing with gasoline and power cords. 

2. Power: Compared to portable generators, a home standby generator has higher wattage ranges and can power your home for longer. These generators are connected to an existing gas line and can provide any given amount of power for much longer. 

3. Convenience: With a home standby generator, your power will be automatically restored to all your critical systems. Whether you are away on holiday or working from home, you can rest assured that your power will be restored within seconds!

4. Value: If you experience multiple outages over the years, your generator will provide a positive return on your investment. A standby generator will help prevent problems such as frozen pipes or spoiled food for years to come.

3 Steps to Selecting The Perfect Home Standby Generator

Not sure where to begin when it comes to selecting the right generator for your home? Here are some helpful steps!

1. Choose a Fuel Source: The first step is to determine what fuel source you will be using. Typically, standby generators operate on either natural gas or propane, however, diesel is also an option.

2. Pick the Right Size: The next step is to decide how much power you will need during an outage and determine whether you want to power the essentials or power your entire home. By choosing to power the essentials you will be able to use a smaller generator and less fuel. However, if you decide to power your entire home, everything in your home will be able to run as if the power never went out. 

3. Pick a Transfer Switch: The last step is to pick an automatic transfer switch. This switch is necessary to run a standby generator and will automatically command your generator to restore power to your home. 

Additional Information to Consider

If you are thinking of installing your home generator yourself, it is important to remember that a home standby generator requires knowledge of residential electrical systems and it is not a recommended do-it-yourself- project. It is recommended that homeowners only complete steps within their capability and hire a professional to complete the steps that they are unable to do.

Regular Commissioning and Monitoring are Important

Having your generator commissioned means that it will be thoroughly inspected and tested before an actual power outage occurs. Our tests include all of the following:

Visual Inspection: Our technicians will be able to identify any immediate and significant faults.

Mechanical Inspection: Before carrying out a load test, our technicians will do a full machinery inspection.

Load Bank Test Control: We will run your generator through a simulated full load test. From this, we will ensure that it performs correctly.

Protective Functions: This test will make sure the emergency stop and fault parameters are set.

Control Configuration: We will make sure your generator control module fits your needs.

Electrical and Cables Inspection: Our technicians will make sure all cables and wiring are up to electrical code standards. 

Gas Pressure inspection: We will check that the gas pressure is under load and idle.

Benefits to Remote Monitoring

Now that you have had your generator commissioned, it is important to continue to monitor it. Thanks to remote monitoring, you can make sure your machine is performing as expected. In the event of a problem, our team is able to quickly respond and get your generator back in proper operating condition. Some of the benefits of remote monitoring include:

1. Improved Reliability: Monitoring your generator 24/7 tracks the current status, monitors the cycles and provides instant alerts to problems. 

2. Fast, Proactive Service Response: By receiving immediate alert notifications via email, text and even voice call, our system allows us to respond more quickly to your needs and minimize downtime.

3. User-Friendly Cloud-Based Portal: This portable enables you to keep tabs on your equipment at any time from anywhere! Access our portal from your desktop or smartphone to see your data in real-time.

4. Decreased Cost of Ownership: Monitoring a generator actually helps to decrease the overall cost of ownership. By fixing small problems before they become big ones, you save money in the long run. The most significant cost is if the generator does not work during a power outage.

5. Reporting: All monitored events are time stamped and we can provide daily, weekly and/or monthly automated activity reports sent directly to you via email.

6. Peace of Mind: Know with confidence the system is ready for the next power outage. 


Generator Solutions For Your Home, Farm, Cottage, & Business

Ready to get started on finding the perfect standby generator for your home or business? We are here to help! Shordee Generators offers you the best selection of standby generators for home and light commercial businesses in Southern Saskatchewan. We are a stocking dealer of Cummins, Briggs & Stratton and Kohler so we can offer you the best selection from the leading manufacturers, meaning you get more choices and better options. Our team of 18 employees is here to help you with all your generator needs!