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Don’t Let a Power Outage Leave You With a Hot House This Summer! 

Summer power outages can be unpredictable, especially with Saskatchewan weather. Summer storms often bring heavy winds and downpours, which can result in unstable power and fallen power lines. As a result, you may find yourself with no power for long periods of time.

One major concern when dealing with outages during the summer, is the loss of air conditioning, especially during extreme heat temperatures. This can become dangerous very quickly and, in some cases, deadly. Thankfully, a generator can protect you and your family.

Can a Generator run an Air Conditioner? 

Whether it is plow winds or heavy hail, Saskatchewan summers can bring big storms. In order to be prepared for these storms and possible power outages, a generator can ensure you and your family are safe. However, it’s important to make sure that the generator you have has enough power to run critical systems like your AC. Your air conditioner can become important in the summertime, especially during extreme heat. When choosing your generator you should determine what the start-up and running wattage are for your AC. This information should be listed on your air conditioning unit and is the best way to find out what your power needs are. 


Due to their high power capacity, home standby generators are the best option when choosing a generator that will be able to run your AC and any other systems in your home. These generators can safely run an HVAC system and will kick in within seconds of your power going out. 


If you want to be prepared this summer, we have a wide selection of standby generators that can power your entire home and keep you cool and comfortable this summer!