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 Standby Generators for Veterinary Facilities and Animal Shelters 

When it comes to healthcare facilities, having a stable supply of power is a necessity. Power outages can result from a number of reasons such as severe weather, power grid issues, or manmade disasters. Events like this can leave veterinary or animal shelters without power during critical situations when they need it the most. Over the years, many animal care facilities are investing in generators so that they can be prepared when disaster hits. Having the ability to remain operational can be critical for keeping animals safe. 

The risk animal care facilities face when dealing with a power outage

Veterinary and other healthcare facilities face a huge threat if they do not have the right equipment in place when dealing with emergencies. Daily operations such as scheduled appointments, lab tests, scans, etc. are all services that can become unavailable. The last thing you want to happen is the power to go out when delicate procedures are taking place or emergency care is needed. 

Whether you have a veterinary practice, animal shelter, or kennel, installing a standby generator can help keep the animals in your care safe. From keeping essential medical equipment and life-saving devices available to ensuring proper heating and cooling systems continue to work, our team can help you find the proper generator to make sure your day-to-day operations can continue when disaster strikes. 

After choosing the right generator for your facility, our team will ensure proper installation and run a load bank test to make sure that your generator is running at factory specifications. Don’t wait for an outage to occur to wish you were prepared. Keep the safety and well-being of the animals in your care a top priority by investing in a standby generator. Call or visit us to learn more!