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There are standby generators available for every home. It is really important to choose the right size generator for your home. If you choose a generator that is too small, you may not be able to run components of your home that you want, and if you choose a generator that is too large, you will be wasting energy when the generator is put to use.

Often, people think generator size is determined by the size of the home, and while the home size does have some bearing on the generator size (larger houses will have more lights, bigger furnaces, air conditioners, etc), the proper size generator is more often determined by your choices around what you want to run when the power goes out.

The Essentials:

These often include refrigerators and freezers, central air conditioning, furnace and HRV units, sump pumps, well pumps, any medical equipment (CPAP, oxygen, etc.) and lighting. The last item that is often essential in today’s world, is the ability to power computer equipment. You likely want to keep your computer, laptop batteries, network router, and cell phone chargers all running. These items do not take much power and often will easily work into an essentials package without having to upsize your generator.

Add in your lifestyle elements: Here is where your personal preferences can impact your generator sizing options. If you want to do some basic cooking, enough capacity for a stovetop frying pan, and a microwave may be sufficient. These items take a lot less power to run than an oven. Blenders, toasters and other small kitchen appliances seem small, but can require a fair amount of power (up to 1500 watts each) The same goes for personal items such as curling irons and blow dryers. Washing machines and dryers also add to your power demands.

How to prioritize:

The lifestyle choices are very personal, and it’s hard to say what you might want from your generator. Many people feel like a generator that sustains their version of the essentials gives them peace of mind and fulfills their needs. Other people really love to cook, so they need a luxury or two. There is a third option also – generators can be sized to run your whole house as if the power supply was never interrupted in the first place. To do this, your generator expert will help determine the maximum load your household requires and pick a generator that will power everything.

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