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Cummins 13kW Home Standby Generator Quiet Connect Series RS13A – C13N6H

Model #: C13N6H


Every generator includes the cold weather package.

(approximate value $499)

  • Cummins 13kW Home Standby Generator
  • Starts and runs a 5-ton A/C with a full household load
  • Intelligent Load Management (kits sold separately) for heavy loads
  • Remote Monitoring and Operation via the Cloud Connect Smartphone App
  • Rated for installation as close as 18-inch to the home
  • Extremely Quiet Operation – 65 dB or less
  • Operates at 0 degrees out of the box. Cold weather kits extend operation well below zero
  • No-Start Flexible Exercise setup to suit owner preferences

Frequently Bought Together

Total Price: From: $8,855.00

Product Overview

Model Number — RS13A
Manufacturer — cummins
Generator Type — Portable Generator
Mounting Pad — Concrete Composite Mounting Pad - 3” thick, with 1" overhang
Decibel Rating — 65 dB(A) at 23 ft. (7 m) at normal load dBA
Battery Requirement — Group 51R, 450 CCA at ambient temperature of 32 °F (0 °C)
Transfer Switch Model — NAS-5810-EN, A-1568, S- 1639 (sold seperately)
UL Listed? — UL 2200, CSA 22.2 and B149.1
Enclosure — Aluminum exterior, galvanized steel interior
Dimensions (Assembled in Inches) — Length: 34.1 in (865 mm), Width: 36.0 in (915 mm), Height: 27.3 in (694 mm)
Weight — 479 lbs

Product Specs

Starting System — 12v Auto Start
Low Oil Alert? — Yes
Hour Meter — Yes
Voltage Meter — Yes
Voltage —
Rated Amps — 54.2 NG / 54.2 LP
Rated Watts (kW) —

Product Description

Cummins 13kW Home Standby Generator supplies your entire home during an outage. Requires a Cummins Onan Automatic Transfer Switch (sold separately.)

The Cummins RS13A home standby generator connects permanently to your house through an automatic transfer switch and existing natural gas or propane supply. It monitors the power company distribution lines 24/7, then automatically starts and runs when it detects an outage and continues to run until the utility restores power.

Cummins Power Generation supports the Quiet Connect 13kW Generator with the world’s largest and best trained worldwide network of certified distributors and dealers. They answer questions about maintenance and operation and offer a complete selection of maintenance parts, accessories, and products along with manuals and specification sheets.

Make the Cummins RS13A installation easier with a Generator Pad. Required by some local building codes, a pad keeps the generator from sinking into the dirt. Using a premade generator pad eliminates the need for a poured concrete base or a pea gravel bed.

Requires a Group 51R 450 CCA Battery purchased locally.

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