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We talk to new callers everyday who placed an order for their generator a week, a month or even a year ago
and they will be waiting for many more months to receive their delivery. Some customers have reported that
their Generac order will take 2 years before the delivery takes place.

Why are generators out of stock?

Customers are having problems finding in-stock generators across Canada and the United States
because of ongoing production issues and transportation delays which began when the COVID-19
pandemic first hit and have only gotten worse in the last year. This, coupled with high demand from
shifting work and lifestyle habits have left many consumers and retailers waiting.

But not everyone is waiting for stock. At Shordee Generators, we stock many different sizes from Cummins,
Briggs & Stratton and Kohler in our warehouse, ready to ship. In fact, we have in-stock access to generators
from every manufacturer whose generators we can stand behind. If you buy a generator from us, you can rest
assured that parts availability and generator service will also never be a problem.

This means you get a home generator delivered or installed right away, with reputable service and warranty
and access to parts and service when you need it. Not all generator companies can promise that, and that’s
what you get when you work with Shordee Generators.

Your Local Experts

Shordee Generators is your local generator expert. We are factory authorized distributors, resellers and
warranty repair experts certified by Cummins, Briggs & Stratton & Kohler. We order new generators every time
they are available, and have dozens in stock right now.

Fast Delivery

Because we currently have a large variety of generators in stock, we can ship these to you within a one
business day of confirming your order.

Qualified installation and commissioning

Are you looking for a fully installed generator from an authorized reseller and distributor? Our factory certified
technicians can install your generator anywhere in Southern Saskatchewan. We also fully commission your
generator to ensure that everything is within the manufacturers specifications and will start when you need it to.